Shopaholic’s Guide to Street Smart Shopping

We women just love clothes. And regardless of how many labels and outfits we own, we never seem to find something to wear. Hence, we hit the mall like a thirsty man looking for water in a desert. We shop until we drop, and devour all the style that fashion has to offer us. But hey wait, how much did the bill come up to? Three hundred dollars just for the shoes and the dress? Oh no, that’s not a very smart buy.

The cardinal rule of being a shopaholic is to pay less than what rest of the shoppers are paying. As a shopaholic, you need to make sure you get yourself a great deal and flaunt all the right trends. Fashion is the most important thing in your life, but you’re no fool when it comes to spending your money. You search, hunt and prey excellent deals. You’re familiar with all the right destinations for shopping online. You hoard special offers and discount coupons. And you never let yourself carried away with a new collection, you wait for the sale to go on.

Shopaholics, here’s what you need to make sure you buy more and spend less:

Seducing Sales & Special Offers

Sales are just amazing aren’t they? But then, there are some of us who just don’t have the patience to wait, and they end up spending hundreds of dollars. Such despair, when you can get the exact same thing for less than half its price in just a couple of days.

Shopaholics wait, they lurk in the background, ready to ensnare all the best buys exactly when the sale goes on. So ladies, you need to keep track of sales on all your favourite labels.

Special offers are just as addictive. You can find them at the end of a season, or even the beginning, Christmas for instance. And these are the best way to hoard lots and pay less.

Credit Card Rewards

You have a credit card that you’re always flashing at people as you shop. Well, why aren’t you reaping all the exciting credit card rewards that can help you save so much money, and spend money that you never even knew you had.

Such bliss to shop with money you did not earn! Well, here’s your chance, redeem all your credit card rewards and treat yourself to a little black dress.

Earn Cashback

When you shop at supermarkets or giant retail stores, for instance Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s or Macy’s, you earn yourself lots of cashback. These are just promotional discounts that let you shop more when you’ve already shopped a certain amount.

All big labels have these, even Sephora and MAC, you spend a certain amount, and voila! Cashback unlocked, now you devour some more shopping.

Online Shopping Havens

The World Wide Web is an excellent place to shop for it has countless outlets and sites that can get you some truly amazing deals on your favorite labels. Are you a lazy shopaholic? Well, you probably love online shopping, and why shouldn’t you? It is so convenient and easy to find clothes that fit perfectly within your budget.

Online sellers have so much variety for every buyer that you can just forget about visiting boutiques and tolerating smirking salesgirls as they sneer when you ask for a different size or something on discount.